The Journey to Nepal – Day 29

Thursday 26th October 2017 (Day 29)

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 10.35.40.png

12 hours later, we got off at Gorakhpur and got a taxi to our hotel in Sauraha, Nepal. 6,500 Rupees for a 7 hour taxi journey.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 10.36.38.png

It was a crazy experience and when we got to the Nepalese border in Sunalli (bearing in mind the driver had driven on the wrong side of the road the majority of the way K) we had our passports stamped by Indian immigration to state we were leaving and the driver then told us to take our bags and get in his friends car….  We were slightly confused but I think what was trying to be said was that his friend had Nepalese number plates and would be taking us the rest of the way in Nepal.

We got out again after 5 minutes to get our Nepalese visa and then continued. The roads to sauraha were pretty awful. Covered in potholes “from the floods in January.Landslides everywhere” said the driver.

6 hours later and we were at our hotel. I felt like we were in a ski lodge. Nepal looked stunning on our journey here. I was slightly nervous about the wildlife and being murdered in my sleep but brushed that aside for a nice big lunch.


After lunch, we went to the shop next door to collect water and snacks. Nepalese people are SO NICE and really pretty! I asked what the deal was with the Rhino roaming the roads at night and the woman I like to call ‘Pokahontas’ as she was stunning and looked like the Disney character, said that the Rhino roamed the roads at night after 6pm and if they are there, you simply move to the side of the road.

We chilled at the hotel that night ready for what tomorrow would bring.


















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