The journey to India

Wednesday 27th September 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 10.14.16.png

So after an INSANE day of flights and 5 hours in Delhi airport, we made it to Kochin airport on Wednesday 27th September.

We waited 5 hours at Delhi and then when we were finally boarding and handed over our passports, we were told we couldn’t as there was an issue at security with one of our bags. 😐

“You can run back now and check, but if you’re not back before last call, you will miss the flight”…

5 hours in an airport and no one called us earlier than boarding time to tell us? Not the one…

Nick RAN with one of the employees who looked 10. Half way there, the employee hands Nick over to another employee and they continue running. A baton race with Nick being the baton, if you will. I was sat at the gate chilling/crapping my pants.

Everyone had boarded. Last call was called. I looked up in distress and a man behind the desk smiled and gestured to stay calm and pointed to his watch. I’m relieved as I think ‘Ah, they are going to wait’.

Thankfully a minute or two later, Nick comes sprinting up the airport. All sorted. That thought of “which one of us messed up?” and I dare to ask him “What was it?” as we make our way onto the plane with all the passengers giving us daggers.

One word quietly slips out his mouth…


F***ing E-cig! I’m just happy it wasn’t me and he didn’t run all that way for my mistake haha!

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 10.14.47.png

We get to Kochin airport, jump in a cab with ‘Rennie’ who the hotel booked and drove in traffic for over an hour to the hotel. 1500 Rupees! (£12) Bargain!

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 10.17.05.png

Terrential rain begins. Monsoon season is coming to an end but what better welcome to India?!

We arrive at ‘Fort Kochin Beach Inn’ by 7.30pm and the receptionist, Sanobar, is SO NICE! Really welcoming and just what I needed as my nerves were all over the place for some unknown reason.

We get settled and go to sleep. Well… I try. I can’t stop thinking about killer snakes and thieves breaking in. Every noise is freaking me out and I have a rubbish sleep. Torrential rain and thunderstorms don’t help the situation, however, Nick slept like a baby of course! Welcome to India!



One thought on “The journey to India

  1. Brilliant read!!!! I would not have slept either!!! Wish taxis were as cheap as that in London or Milan!!! E-cig’s clearly time to give up all together!!!

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