Pokhara, Nepal – Day 36

Thursday 2nd November 2017 (Day 36)

We decided today was going to be a chilled one after the madness of yesterday. We woke up whenever we fancied and walked 20m down the road to have breakfast at ‘Parbati’ – A Nepalese family run it and have their home just behind. Everytime we go, the grandparents are playing with their 4 year old granddaughter whilst the mum and Dad prepare our breakfast. They are such a lovely family and it so nice to have breakfast whilst watching them spend time together.

We decide to rent a boat on Phewa lake and take some lunch and beer and relax. It was so peaceful and stunning. We put some capital FM on and ate our lunch and drank our beers. We spent two hours paddling around and on our way back had a race with two 10 year old Nepalese boys. “RACE!” they kept shouting. “ahhh, no you’re too slow!” I shouted back which rattled them more and the older boy shouts to the younger one “ROW FASTER!” haha.

Safe to say, we won 🙂 and the loosers had to help us moor our boat.

We walked back to the hotel and relaxed out of the sun for a while before heading out for dinner. We had two drinks each and were drunk. Absolute lightweights. Busy bee was packed as they had a live Rock band. It was great. A mixture of 20 somethings raving in front of the band and 50 somethings sitting at their tables headbanging.





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