Pokhara, Nepal – Day 33

Monday 30th October 2017 (Day 33)

We woke up so chilled and slept in

Gave the hotel our laundry and saw the incredible furry huge 8 month old dog.


We decided to go for a ‘walk’ and all my clothes were in the laundry, so I wore my skinny black jeans. We walked to Devi falls which is 200 steps underground into a cave. You can see the bottom of Devi waterfall here. It was pretty cool. We then walked up a mountain to the ‘Peace Pagoda’ which was very steep and took an hour and a half.

We finally got to the top and it was a stunning view. An iced coffee and a break and we were looking for the way down that went to the lake. We started walking down one trail and two French guys are talking to us and tell us, “this is not the way to the lake”.

OK, back up we go and down another trail. This one looked narrow and overgrown. Surely not?… But this is Nepal?

We started… it got narrower. Nick went slightly ahead whilst I waited for the go ahead. Standing there thinking ‘I’m now prime bait meat for a Python’.

Anyway, we decide this is too jungle for us (as the floor is quite literally falling away at our feet down a cliff) and walk back up…we had walked further than we thought. I was nearly running back up away from the imaginary python.

We get back to the top and I thought something was pinching my foot… I looked down… A LEECH! Little shit!! There it was sucking away. I flicked it off and my foot wouldn’t stop bleeding! It must have jumped on board when I was waiting for Nick to check the route and I was imagining killing that Python.

‘Small Glitch’ I thought and on we walked to a little shop to ask the way and to get water. She tells us the way and I sit down a second to wipe the stream of blooding coming from my foot. I slip my sandal off and ANOTHER F***ING LEECH!!!

Are you kidding me?! This one had been under the strap of my sandal all incognito for a good 10 minutes. I flicked that one off too. Although that one had a vice-like grip

I then did that ‘frantic look all over your legs and arms’ “Did I get them all?” “That’s the last one right???”.

We move on to find the trail and someone points us in the right direction. We start down the trail of stone steps. Much more civilised than the leech infested jungle path earlier. 10 minutes in and I shout and jump “SOMETHING JUST BIT ME!!” I mean this HURT, really HURT and I have a high pain threshold. I literally whipped down my jeans in seconds in the middle of a hiking path and saw a bright red swollen bite with a trail of bruises.

Nick was quick off the mark and pulled out the sting relief pen in half a second. He even managed to put on a Rambo headband and medical toolbelt. How did he find the time?

We sat down and my leg was uncontrollably shaking. So was my body. The pain wasn’t getting better. Nick thought it was a wasp bite which made sense and we didn’t see the culprit make its exit. Once taking my trousers off and shaking them to make sure there were no more passengers, I put them back on and jelly legs somehow managed to walk me down hill for 30 minutes. Every buzz had me in fear and the pulsing pain made me think I was back in Ministry.

We got to the bottom, got on a boat across the lake and back to the hotel. Antihistamines, paracetamol, an ice cold beer, cold water on the bite and I was all good .

We chilled a while and then when to Busy Bee (No pun intended, even the bar name gave me shivers) and had Garlic Naan and Pizza. Hey! Don’t judge! We walked 26000 steps and I NEARLY DIED.

Back to the hotel and ‘Blue planet’ !

Who knew you could get transgender fish?!?



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