Pokhara, Nepal – Day 32

Sunday 29th October ( Day 32)

We were up at 5.30am again today to get in a rickshaw to the bus station. Raj and Yam sorted it. Yam was there to meet us and Raj called to check we got picked up.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 10.37.55.png

We got on a tourist bus to Pokhara. 7 hours on the worst roads you will ever encounter. A Chinese woman that did not stop to breathe the whole journey. We arrived in Pokhara and walked 25 mintues to our hotel. It looked great. Mountains behind every building we could see. Clean sheets, no haggling or bartering and lovely people.

Hotel Angel was standard. Rusty, mouldy bathroom but clean sheets and a fan. We went for a walk and went to ‘Busy Bee’ for Garlic Naan and momo’s… Oh and coffee!

Cannot believe that I haven’t mentioned so far but coffee is my new favourite drink! I mean cold Frappe’s or Cappuchino’s. Not espresso. But still Yummy.

We had an early night watching Lucifer and slept like a baby!





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