Kochi, India – Day 1

Thursday 28th September 2017 (Day 1)


Classic Nick and Terri style, the 28th consisted of us roaming and doing EVERYTHING in one day. We can’t stand still and need to learn the art of relaxing. We spent the morning walking around and getting our bearings and then head back to the hotel for half an hour before booking a tuk tuk through Sanobar at the front desk.

The tuk tuk driver, Shihab, arrives promptly and takes us to a few tourist destinations. Kerala by tuk tuk is very civilised! Breezy. No one bothers you or asks you to jump in their cab or buy their products… we visited a royal palace, ginger factory, jewish quarters and synagogue, coffee house and he took us to get our tickets for the ‘Kathakali Dancing’. We also went to a couple of ‘government shops’ to have a look around so Shihab could get his voucher for 1 litre of free petrol. We did our duty! I also bought a little bone Elephant!

Shihab thanks us 100 times and drops us off at the Kathakali centre to go and see the dancers apply their makeup and then actually dance. It was a weird and wonderful 2 hours in which it torrentially rained AGAIN, we watched a woman show us 20 or more expressions with her eyeballs and when we left, there was no sign of rain. We headed back looking for street food on the way but they had all closed due to the rain and therefore we ended up eating at the hotel restaurant. Veggie curry. Spicy. Mouth on fire.


In general, my mood has been very odd until today. I think a mixture of the drama that has happened in the past month (leaving our jobs, renting our flat, issues with Marley, Nearly missing the flights etc) and then generally being nervous about what is to come and missing Marley so much has taken its toll. Oh.. and jet lag!

























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