Jaipur, India – Day 23

Friday 20th October 2017 (Day 23)


Today, we decided to get a rickshaw to take us to a few sites and then we would leave the next day. First stop was the ‘Monkey palace’ – apparently where the Hindu reincarnated god ‘Hanuman’ was born. It was stunning. The driver dropped us at the bottom and it was around 1.5km uphill and downhill into a valley. Monkeys where EVERYWHERE. Women were washing in the pool and the colours of their sari’s were incredible. It was a beautiful place. All the children from the villages we walked through fllowed us shouting ‘SELFIE!’. They asked our name and where we were going so that they could learn some English.

One of the men of the temples blessed me and Nick in our relationship and marriage going forward and tied coloured string around our wrists and placed orange paint on our foreheads.

On the way down, some of the children followed us all the way to the rickshaw shouting “COLA!”. I bought a bottle of coke and had a drink and gave it to one of the boys. He ran away with his friends screaming in excitement.

Next stop was Amber fort. A huge red fort with tourists being taken up on elephants. Poor animals. Lazy uneducated humans.


We walked up and saw a beautiful view but it would be another £10 for us to go inside and we didn’t see the point so we walked back down. We bought a huge popadom from a street food guy and sat down for 5 minutes to eat it. Nick bought Vadapau (fried potato) which was yummy and we got back In the rickshaw.

We were then told by the driver that we were going to a factory to see how they weave the carpets and another textile factory to see them print fabric. “Due to Diwali” there were no staff weaving so we saw empty machines and then they sat us down, gave us tea and showed us carpets. Classic sales technique. We’re never going to buy any of these… oh wait, that’s really nice! How much?… suckers. We bought a tiny carpet.


Then the textile factory. Again, no staff. The owner picks up a random stamp, blots it in ink and stamps a blank bit of fabric. “That’s how its done” K Groundbreaking. “Take a seat and look at our sari’s” he says. No chance, not again, we’re not buying anything…Oh, I did need some trousers. Damn it.

After that we insisted he took us to Kalyan rooftop restaurant as we were done for the day. Food was really nice and we went back to the hotel happy. For dinner, we went to another rooftop restaurant – Peacocks. It was rammed! We waited 10 minutes and was seated on a shared table ith a swiss couple of interns. Food was delicious and we could see why it was so popular.

The best part of Jaipur was a dog and her puppies we found in a locked piece of grassland. We kept taking them food and they were so happy. Made our week.





















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