Delhi, India – Day 28

Wednesday 25th October (Day 28)


Check out was 12 so we spent the morning wandering around and had lunch at Glenz café. I had a peanut butter and Banana sandwich which was delish! When we got back to the hotel, there was a tiny puppy (weeks old maybe) and its mum with infections in her eyes. We took some rice down for them and I wiped the mums eyes clean and then I picked up the puppy and sat on the step with her. She fell asleep instantly (L)

We sat there a little while and the mum kept coming and checking on us and licking our hands. I dragged myself away from the puppy and we got an Uber to the train station. A 12 hour train to Gorakhpur awaits us.

We got to the train station 3 hours early and so sat waiting in a station flooded with people. Families pitched up picnic blankets and chilling on the floor. We saw an older man about to sit down and a younger guy sprinted and slid in fton of him and sat down laughing. Me, Nick and a few other people glared at him and someone offered the older man a different seat. Wierdo just sat there giggling to himself.


We finally got on the train and pretty much slept the whole way.


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